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MIK Vs Kahn: The Mix


“MIK has been a dominant voice in grimy circles for the last few years, tying together a solid work ethic with bags of personality and a penchant for breaking the mould.”

Read the full interview from Tomas Fraser from here.



    • Back You Know (Prod. by Swizzee)
    • Wooo Riddem Freestyle (Prod. by SX)
    • Ice Rink Freestyle (Prod. by Wiley) Duppy & Leave (Kahn Dub)
    • Fly Boy - Wiley Flushing MCs (Kahn Dub)
    • Do It (Kahn Dub)
    • Ninja Freestyle (Prod. by Exo)
    • TMEYE Freestyle (Kahn Dub)
    • Trouble Maker 2 - Wiley DPMO (Prod. by Nu Klear)
    • Shut Down Feat. Merky ACE (Kahn Dub)

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